Got the car I like at an affordable price.

I have been interested in Mercedez-Benz cars for a long time so I often check them out. When I saw a model I like, I was wondering how much it costed and what the payment plan was. Then, I found out about mySTAR and felt that I could afford the car I wanted. After deciding to buy, the dealer recommended mySTAR so I decided to use it for my second car due to its affordablity.

Worthy financial program

I heard about mySTAR from a salesperson at Motor Show who introduced it as a worthy program that allows you to spend money on other things first and its worthiness was what helped me make my decision. The car has high quality and the financial program makes it easier to buy.

Peace of mind from mySTAR

I chose the GLA because of its practicality, and also because of the 3R options of mySTAR. The best part is the inclusion of the first year Mercedes-Benz Production insurance package in the monthly payments throughout the contract, and the full coverage of run-flat tires, creating a peace of mind for a person who travels upcountry often like myself. The services from the dealer and Mercedes-Benz Leasing are also satisfactory.

Being managed by Mercedes-Benz means good and special service

I heard about mySTAR from a salesperson. I believe if it is managed by Mercedes-Benz itself, the company should be able to take a good and special care of me. When it comes to getting a Mercedes-Benz car, it has to be Mercedez-Benz Leasing and mySTAR.